some of you may know that my own personal ikea store or (my)kea as i like to call it, has been under construction within a mere 15 minutes from my house.
it is now done.
and ready to show off its lovely saturated hues and smart design.
to me personally.
because it is (my)kea.
a friend told me that ikea will allow people to camp out starting on february 16th.
two days before the store opens.
will i be camping out with them?
no i won't.
but why you ask? if i'm such a crazy idiot fan of ikea, wouldn't i want to be camping out as well?
fortunately, i won't have to.
because i will have already been there.
because i get to go to the pre-opening.
because i have an awesome friend who also
has an awesome friend who works for ikea
and was given only a limited number of these tickets that she could hand out
one of which i now possess
because she knows how much i love ikea.
and because she loves me
and i owe her big time.
more than big time.
and i thank her.
from the bottom of my ikea loving heart.
because now i won't have to camp out in the freezing cold with my sleeping bag that smells like campfire and stale farts.