when neon signs were first used, people called them "electric fire"
what a great phrase.
how come we don't use that phrase anymore?
just because phrases and words go out of style i suppose.
people find new and better words to describe things and people.
but we discover the old stuff and it becomes new all over again.

and round and round we go.

some words and phrases never do get rediscovered.
they stay gone forever.
there are some you wish would never return back in style, but do.

so for fear that electric fire might never come back, i am requesting that we all use it again.
maybe a drink could be named the electric fire?
or a dance
or a sandwich
or a personality disorder
or how about a physical condition
or maybe a fashion trend?

how about we bring back electric fire?
what's your vote on it?

have a happy and very lucky friday the 13th!

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