when i was young,
absolutely no one i ever knew or met was named dawn.
and i hated my name.
i would ask my parents why on earth they ever named me dawn?
i learned my father was the culprit.
he named me after a belly dancer.


but as i've gotten older,
i've begun to embrace my name.
i guess you could say that i've grown into my name.
and sometimes it can be pretty fun.
recently, i was just thinking of all the fun things i could do with
the word dawn.
that i could actually interchange dawn with myself.
and all the things that i can do, be or describe.

the me of a new day
the break of me
the crack of me
it me'd on me
me of the dead
the me of reasoning
the me of a new age
the me of a new era
the me of a modern age

and finally,
me. i cut the grease out.

not such a bad name afterall.
even if it did come from a bellydancer.