i'm not dead yet

i'm very nearly dead, but i'm not dead yet.
i didn't go on a vacation.
nor did i have any catastrophes in my life
or get eaten by a bear.
i didn't get kidnapped or
win the lottery.
i didn't tumble down the hole and have a fantastic adventure.
i didn't break any bones
or have any traumas
i didn't float away on a balloon
or get lost at sea.
i've been everywhere else,
but not here.
and i apologize.
because i have been quite slack.
majorly slack.
i get an A+ in the class of slack.
not that i've been slack in other areas of my life.
because i haven't.
and let's face it, we're all busy for gawd's sakes.
so i just don't even go there. naw, just plain not making this a priority. let's be honest. the photography thing and the life thing? they're taking my time. and as much as i enjoy this space, i do tend to take it for granted.
like now.
so that's it.
nothing earth shattering.
nothing that you can forgive me for.
just me.
being me.
not dead yet.