self portrait tuesday

february's theme is "introduce yourself"

hi! i'm dawn.
week II

i am a social worker and have worked with older people for more than 14 years. when i first got my master's degree in social work, i worked for hospice. i became interested in working with hospice after my father died. i was pretty sure that i would never heal from his tragic and sudden death, but i eventually did and i did so because of the support i received from another hospice social worker who ended up mentoring me and inspiring me to be a medical social worker.

i worked for hospice for 12 years and i loved every minute of it because its mission is something i truly believe in. but 12 years of death and dying can really take its toll so i left hospice to work at a non-profit continuing care retirement community.

working with older people teaches me every day. they teach me how to live. they teach me how to laugh. they teach me that i really should remember to floss my teeth and the importance of fiber in my diet.