new year's is all about resolutions.
strong will.
courage and bold determination.

well, i've decided that this year, i would make a list of indecisions.
i'm all about the indecisions this year.
none of that courageous stuff.
i'll have none of it.
so here goes.....

1. i shall reserve the right to be indecisive about situations of which i know nothing about.
2. i shall be fearful about jumping to conclusions
3. i shall be boldly tentative about judging myself for the mistakes that i make
4. i think i will not be so quick to act when it comes to judging others
5. when someone is screaming angry with me, i vow to be incredibly uncertain about whether to yell back at them or not.
6. when faced with the reality that i did not check to see if there was toilet paper on the roll beforehand, i will vacillate between whether it is my fault or mr. ntm's fault.
7. if someone cuts me off on the road, i will be downright cowardly about whether or not to flip them off

happy new year's
may your 2009 be all you dream it will be