it's cold.
and winter.

what if it were an 80 degree, perfect sunny day in december?
if we cross the arthur ravenel bridge over the cooper river, we could be in charleston, sc in no time flat.

try not to encourage mr. ntm for using palm tree bark for reindeer antlers.
i know he's a dork, but he's funny.

what if we were to take in the sights and soak up some sun?

if you don't like oysters, the crab is great too.

we could go to the market where the women weave sweetgrass baskets.
most of them have been weaving for more than 30 years and learned from their family when they were little girls.
their handiwork is an amazing art.

i like the baskets that have the chinaberries woven into their handles

what if we walked on cobblestone streets

past sweet golden retrievers on big, antebellum porches?

would that be okay?
here's wishing your sun is always shining