a dear friend wrote to me yesterday to express her condolences over the loss of my corgi girl, Molly Dodd. her words were her truth and they were heartfelt...she knew my heart was hurting, she wished she could make it better, and she loved me. her letter was a soothing balm. in her simple and loving words, she expressed the three universal truths that we all long for in this world:

to know we matter.

to know we aren't alone.

to know we're loved.

grief is only ever about love. without it, grief would never exist. i just wish love didn't have to bring grief along... grief is such an inconsiderate asshole. 

after we said goodbye to Molly, we turned down the road and a giant murmuration of birds was in front of us. tim stopped the car and we watched them ascend.

cry heart, but never break.