ten things that will happen while i am away:

1. i will not say the following words: routine, mandatory, scheduled, or necessary
2. i will not hear a xylophone alarm at 6:30 am or any other time of the day or night
3. i will say that i am well when asked how i am and i will really mean it
4. i will forget what day of the week it is as well as the current month and year
5. i will not experience the following emotions: frustration, impatience, shame or intolerance
6. i will allow myself to take a nap if i am tired
7. i will look up.....often
8. i will feel the power of the earth beneath my feet and the ocean before me
9. when the sun rises, i will be there to watch it
10. i will remember this time always

be well.
see you in a couple of weeks.