once upon a time, there was a strange girl who lived in a fantastical place called colorado.
she was scared.
very scared.
because she was leaving her fantastical place for a different, other worldly place called north carolina.
she didn't know what north carolina would be like.
would they have tacos in north carolina?
would the people speak english?
and what about flush toilets? would they even have them or know what they were?

on her first day at school in her new world, she was seated next to a beautiful girl with soulful eyes.
she was tall and had long limbs and was the envy of all the other girls because she was so beautiful (and because she had big boobs).
but she was kind and her heart was true and she smiled at the strange girl and they became instant friends.

life took the strange girl and her friend with the long limbs through all kinds of adventures and they traveled together, laughed together, fought together and cried together.
they knew one another like only true friends can know one another.

and they still do and always will.

happy 50th birthday, sharon.
here's to 50 more wonderful years.
i love you.