welcome to suburbia

never has my suburban lifestyle been more exalted than this past weekend.
i daresay it's been 21 years.
21 years of kenmore
21 years since a new washer or dryer has passed my threshold.
but this past weekend
it all changed.
and i'm in suburban bliss.
but true.
a new era has emerged.
an era of LG.
and not that i would ever become an advertisement for LG
but it must be said....
they rock.
it has a chirpy, perky little singsong beeper that plays to me.
none of the honking, screeching beepers of the past.
and lord,
i never knew that clothes could dry in less than 2 hours.
and they're hot when they come out.
this is the stuff of dreams.
suburban dreams.
my dreams.