some lessons i've been learning lately.

1. walking through fields of tall grass and lots of prickly things and bugs isn't so smart with sandals on = ouchie
2. i was told this week by an 89 year old man that he "likes the way i'm built" = try not to laugh
3. there is such a thing as eating too much yogurt = lactose intolerance
4. when my warning light comes on for low fuel, it means it = you can pretty much guess this one
5. my child is a slob. that's s-l-o-b, slob = ick (but i love her beyond measure)
7. there is only so much of me to go around, i can't meet everyone's needs = crabbyhead dawn
8. i need to just to go ahead and eat a "real" dinner....a light snack ain't gonna cut it = i end up eating all night anyways
9. when all else fails, put on the ipod = serenity

despite these lessons, i am grateful beyond measure for my life, my family, my friends (including you) and the world around me.

happy weekend all!
and a big heartfelt congratulations to my sister-in-law for graduating today!
so proud for you, joan!