on motherhood

my friend meg has tagged me along with four others to talk about five things they love about being mothers.
and since mother's day is coming up, it is only fitting that i take a few minutes to respond as best i can.

motherhood is a falling in love kind of love that is unlike anything else i have ever experienced. and its depths and breadth know no boundaries.
is this a good thing?
well, yes and no.
it's exhilarating, yes.
it's daunting as well.
because a love that wide and deep has got you.
forever and ever.
and not that i'd ever want to let go of that, but it's humbling to love like that just the same.

i am her history.
i am a touchstone.
i am home to her.

motherhood is a challenge.
and that's a good thing for me.
full of lessons.
stretching me and growing me beyond what i thought i was ever capable of.

watching her grow and change and becoming a wonderful human being
has been the most amazing thing i have ever witnessed.
it has enriched my life immensely.

she is the product of the loving union between me and the big guy.
because of us,
there is she.

and so now i am tagging you moms out there to do the same.
share your insights.
because being a mom is a wondrous thing.