the similarities of blogging and making an egg salad sandwich

i have now celebrated my one year blog-iversary.
and i didn't even realize it.
when i first started this blog,
i wanted to use it as a space to explore my relationship with my art through words and images.
and like many other things i tend to do,
i strayed a bit.
because lately i've been hiding behind images more and not using many words.
this is a bad habit of mine.
i listen more than i talk.
which is a good thing, because i'm a social worker
and i should be listening more than i'm talking.
but somewhere along the way
i stopped giving much effort to my words.
i've become lackadaisical about saying much.
and i need to quit it.
so that i can challenge myself to grow a bit more.
because i always need to grow.
coming to this realization, means i will be putting more effort into saying personal things
and not just throwing images around.
kind of like making an egg salad sandwich.
you have to crack open those eggs first,
and then you throw in the good stuff and mix it around.
and no matter which way you slice the bread
either diagonally or straight up and down,
you have married bread and egg salad.

all that to say, i am going to make more egg salad sandwiches in this space of mine.
starting now.