feeling a bit untethered this week.
i have a show opening on friday.
so, probably some anxiety.
probably a lot of anxiety.
a lot more than i think.
my dogs are fighting every night.
so upsetting.
i think they're picking up on my stress
and i feel so bad about it.

i need to remember to laugh today.
and i will try to listen to myself.
plus i will try to remember that this anxiety that i'm feeling and whatever else that i'm feeling doesn't have to be named.
and it won't last forever.

and lastly, it might be a good idea if i could remember to try and enjoy what i've worked hard to get.

i think i'm actually getting on my own nerves.

i will not be around for the next few days so i can prepare to be artsy fartsy. when i come back to this space though, i will have pictures. lots and lots of pictures.
what.....you're surprised at that?

be back soon.