at the end of the day

it was such a long day at work.
a good day, but a long day.
spectacularly long.
so i left an hour early and grabbed mr. camera for some exercise.
mr. camera didn't mind.
neither did my boss (luckily)
just leaving work that one hour earlier to catch the last bit of sunshine with my camera was an amazing attitude adjustment.

when i look through the lens of my camera, i am totally in the moment.
i have finally gotten to be good friends with him.
we play almost every day and we get along now.
he worried me at first.
because i wasn't so sure about him and not sure exactly how to play with him.
but i'm finally getting a real comfort level now.
and it feels so good.
i actually relax when i pick him up and look through him.
and i see things differently
especially at the end of a long day.