self portrait tuesday

january's challenge is "album covers"

i have been a bit slack the last few weeks of december's challenge.
but now i am back on task.
this month, jeremy has asked that we use album covers for the basis of our self-portraits in any way that we'd like. which means we can butcher them however we see fit, as long as we include ourselves on the cover somehow. what fun!

since i had long ago given away all of my albums (stupidly) i knew the first one that i wanted to find was this herb alpbert album. it was my father's very favorite and i remember staring at this provocative woman on the cover and thinking "wow, she sure likes whipped cream."
sharp as a tack i was.

when i went thrifting to hunt it down, it was waiting for me right there.
lucky me.

here's the original album cover.

and this one is my effort.

it's sugar free whipped cream.
i promise.