i was shopping at trader joe's the other day and i was shucking some corn at the box that they provide for you, looking around at all the people buying their treats.
my eyes found a woman standing at the strawberries.
she had been standing at the strawberries for a long time.
i watched her method of madness as she went on a search and destroy mission through every single container of strawberries.
she opened each box
she rifled through each strawberry in each box.
picking them up,
smelling them.
then placing them back in the box.
a couple of strawberries dropped out and rolled across the floor.
she picked them up and placed them back into the container.
she finally settled on one box and left.
so i found a clerk and let her know that every one of their strawberries had been handled and sniffed.
she looked at me with a defeated look and said, "yes, it happens a lot...there's not a whole lot we can do about it. they get so mad when you say something to them about it." she went over to the strawberries and began to sort through them..clearing them out.

kinda makes me look a little differently at my produce these days.