in the summer of 1981, i was 20 years old.
it was also the year that i came face to face with certainty.
it was the year i met you.

the pizza place where we both worked, didn't give us the chance to formally meet.
no, that meeting finally happened at the double door inn where your band was playing. and it happened because i shamelessly sweet-talked a mutual friend into introducing us.
i'm shameless like that.
and i'm pretty sure my heart cracked wide open that night because you poured into it like warm sugar. you and your interesting, challenging, stubborn, loving, funny, creative, analytical, intelligent self.

i've never regretted that.

even when i've wanted to kill you, i've never regretted it.
because you feed my soul. and i could never imagine my life without you.

and when you told me that you had decided that it was time we got married, i never looked back because you had decided this. and i trusted it more than anything i had ever trusted in my entire life.

i still do.

and so i thank you for not asking me to marry you twenty five years ago.
because i more than love you.

renewing our wedding vows
december 24, 2008