heidi is someone that i am truly enjoying getting to know. she is an amazing woman with an amazing story.
and she tagged me.
i have never been tagged before, so i will do my best.

top 4 wishes
i wish our world was a peaceful one
i wish i could get the hang of learning this technical photography stuff (it's killing me)
i wish i understood myself better
i wish our work weeks were two days and our weekends were five days

4 places i want to travel to
it's so hard to name just 4 places, but in a broad sense i would name:
south america
specifically, tokyo is the number one place i want to go to

4 careers i would want to be involved in
gallery owner
professional photographer
graphic designer

4 things i want God to say at the gates of heaven
"here's your soy latte...and don't worry, your cup will refill automatically."
"so i understand you have a few questions for me? let's talk."
"you were a fairly decent human while you were living down there on that earth plane."
"your dad is over there and he can't wait to see you....oh and by the way, your grandmothers are all over there too and they have the cribbage board all set up and ready for a game."