wednesday aug. 6th, 2008- seattle

breathing more slowly now that we're actually in seattle. this place just makes me happy. and it's not just the coffee either. the energy here is nice and the anticipation that i'll see something wonderful is always great. the hotel we're staying in was built in 1926. the crazy characters on the side of the building affirm that opening on halloween day was the perfect choice.

and now we must feed the addiction. how great that our favorite coffee spot is just right across the street.

the barista explained to me that her tatt was an accordian exploding with rays of radness. i love that.

then we watched the paramount theatre sign light the sky.

while other signs quickly followed suit.

as we listened to a dog living in this apartment building who barked incessantly.

his bark echoed all the way down pine street. i woke up in the middle of the night and he was still barking his twilight bark. it would later become a running joke during the length of our trip..."i wonder if the dog's still barking?"