time out

i am burning up upon re-entry. this week back has killed me a bit. a funeral, a birth, planning a wedding shower, planning a baby shower. .. life in all its splendor. i know life can move quickly. i know that things change. but i really wish sometimes that things could just stay the same for at least a minute or two.

there is a scene in the movie Parenthood, when the grandmother senses that things are moving too quickly for her family so she recounts a story about the roller coaster and how she loves to ride it because she never knows how it's going to twist and turn. she states how exhilarating it is to her. she said that some of her friends only rode the ferris wheel, but she never found much joy in that because all it ever did was go around and around. she thought it was incredibly boring.

i'm thinking there's got to be some kind of ride that's in-between those two extremes.
isn't there?