there are many rivalries between the southern states over various things. one of those rivalries is about who grows the best peaches. georgia says they do, south carolina says they do. it's debatable in my opinion because they're both wonderful. but the one thing that south carolina has that georgia can't compete with is this clever water tank.

i've driven past this steel peach a million and one times over the past twenty two years on my way back and forth from georgia to north carolina. when the p.b. kid was little, she used to call it the big peach butt. i finally stopped this past weekend on my way back from atlanta to shoot it.

it's located in gaffney, south carolina and it was built in 1981. the artist is peter freudenberg. it's called the peachoid water tank and its capacity is one million gallons.

it wouldn't make a very good cobbler, but it sure is fun to look at.