i'm irresistible...

for my potato salad that is. there are family members and friends (and you know who you are) who feen for my potato salad. it is not an urban legend that mr. ntm married me because of my potato salad. my potato salad is like crack cocaine. i made some this past weekend. in my best julia child voice, i've laid it out step by step for you.

first, you boil up some russet potatoes. how many you ask? an assload. i never colored inside the lines and i never measure when i cook. i'm sorry. just wing it and it'll be great. the more potato salad you want, the more you should cook. i cooked almost a 10 lb bag. i leave the skins on when i boil them and also when i cut them up for the salad, but after boiling them, the skin will peel away easily if you are so inclined. i used to peel the skins off, but now i leave them on because i'm lazy but i also think it tastes better with the skins. i would suggest not boiing them too hard because the potatoes willl completely break open and then they will get water logged which makes them soggy and even starchier.

depending on how many potatoes you've cooked, you'll want to hard boil roughly four to six eggs. i used six eggs for the amount of potatoes i cooked. i don't chop them very finely. but i do mince the onion, and i don't use too much of it because it will overpower the egg and potato. for this batch, i used the green onions that i got at the farmer's market and their flavor was great. after putting the egg, potato and onion together, i pour a liberal amount of white vinegar over it and let it soak into the mix. i also put plenty of cracked black pepper and salt as well.

and now comes the gold...the bacon. i cooked a whole pound of bacon and made it very crispy. i mix in a bit of yellow mustard and maybe about a cup of mayo. i only use duke's mayo and never salad dressing because... ew.
and that's all there is to it. easy! this potato salad is totally off the charts when it comes to weight watcher's points and your arteries will clog after eating it, i guarantee.

however, you'll die happy.