as a woman, i feel lucky that i get to use makeup on a daily basis if i choose to. i know some women hate it, but i don't.

i love everything about makeup. i know i'm not alone. i remember my sister-in-law plunking down her ginormouse makeup tackle box in front of me one day. it was loaded with every kind of color and tool you could ever imagine. she laughed about how ridiculous it was that she had such an extraordinary amount of makeup, but i was in awe.

whenever my friend sharon and i see each other, we sit on the bed and spread our makeup out. we try out each other's colors and talk about life. it's a ritual we started when we were college roommates and we do it to this day.

now i watch the p.b. kid's fascination with makeup. i've taught her how to unconditionally love all things mac and smashbox and she teaches me about other lines of makeups and different ways of applying them. and probably one day when she's my age, her daughter will be teaching her...and maybe me also if i'm lucky enough to live that long.